Service Fee & Rebates

  Why pay more for cardboard collections when you could be saving with us. 

Service fee

Jk works with almost all of our customers on the basis of a service fee to pick up and recycle their materials. In generals this service fee will be less expensive and much more environmentally responsible than sending these items to a landfill. But often, the cost of collection still exceeds the value of the materials collected. Please know that the value of your materials does factor into reducing costs for collection. We do everything we can to create efficient routes and procedures for collections to keep costs down for every customer.
Some customers have an opportunity to gain free service or a rebate for the large value of the recycling materials we collect.

Rebates for large volume collection
Large volume collections means rebates for materials are typical for these customers. Who might include manufacturers, distribution centres etc. Rebates vary depending on factors such as materials collected, quantities, types of storage (loose, baled, etc.) Distance from our service area, access to collection point etc. While we don’t have standard rebates, we are happy to present you with a proposal after analysing your particular situation.

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